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City Tour

The fun time starts on a bright Dubai sun when the safari guide reaches your place and welcomes you

City Tour

The UAE consists of seven emirates, and each Emirate is unique in its own way. Hence, each Emirate also has its own point of interest. For a tourist, Dubai sums up the tourism in the UAE. Its pictures and videos are regularly posted across social media channels, and many tourists think they can do the touring on their own. While it is not impossible to tour on your own, what is not possible is knowing where to when and understanding the finer details, i.e., the stories behind the place. You may get some information from blogs regarding this, but your best option is to take a guided tour from an experienced tour operator. We. Oasis Palm Tourism specializes in tourism in the UAE. We have multi-linguist, well-trained, and certified tour guides who would ensure you get an optimized experience against your budget. We also have many options to suit different budgets. 

Exclusive Touring

We have exclave vehicles and guides to take you and your family for touring. You will not be sharing your vehicle with anyone else. This is ideal for honeymoon couples and those with medical conditions. We can also organize buses etc. if you have a bigger group. Each exclusive group shall have a dedicated tour guide who would speak a language that a tourist can understand.

Guided Tours

Guided tours are tours where you need a tour guide to get more knowledge about the place. The guided tour also means regular interactions and faster coverage, as the tour guide knows how the whole tour pans out. It is slightly more expensive than the unguided tour.

Unguided tours – these tours are done through our drivers. The itinerary is fixed, and he might give some briefings. Most of the time, you shall be dropped at a place, a short briefing by our site tour guide, and then you will go and check out the point. You could read about the effectiveness of interest before or after the trip.

Oasis Palm Tourism offers different tour packages to choose from. These are;

Dubai City Tour

Dubai really is extraordinary with its many pleasant and stunning views. There are ever so many activities for your entertainment across the city. With a knowledgeable tour guide, you can get the best experience while exploring the city. View incredible modern land marks as well as historic. Your tour guide shall help you plan your adventure and pick you up from your preferred location across Dubai and Sharjah. The duration of the trip is about 4 hours.

This tour includes visits to

  • Burj Al Arab
  • Dubai Museum
  • Jumeirah Mosque
  • Jumeirah Beach
  • The Palm Islands
  • Dubai Mall
  • Mall of Emirates
  • Burj Khalifa


Abu Dhabi City Tour

Abu Dhabi is the capital as well as largest emirate of the U.A.E., Another breath-taking city filled with endless luxuries. Warm Beaches to soak up the sun, world class works of architecture, and arguably the most beautiful skyscrapers the world has seen till this day. Explore the great wonders of this city accompanied with a knowledgeable tour guide.

 This tour includes visits to

  • Marina Mall
  • F1 and Ferrari tracks
  • The Oil Refinery
  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque
  • Emirates Palace Hotel
  • National Exhibition Centre 


Al Ain City Tour

Visit the thriving oasis of Al Ain, a bustling city center full of historical landmarks and interesting activities. Our half-day tour introduces you to the lush scenery, famous landmarks, and popular activities

In and around Al Ain. With your friendly tour guide, you will get to sample what the area has to offer and gain some valuable knowledge of UAE history and culture. Around 7:30 in the morning, your tour begins with a drive through the stunning red and gold desert. Your tour guide stops briefly at the Hili Archaeological Garden in Al Ain, which is a beautifully landscaped area with fountains, a playground, and a number of archeological finds and excavated remains. You then pause at the Al Ain Palace Museum, a vast collection of important artifacts from history and culture.

Sharjah City Tour

Sharjah is famous for its Islamic heritage. It also has many tourist points, including its university city, women’s only garden, and renowned corniche. If you are interested in more, click here and book your seat.

Northern Emirates Tour

This tour shall take you to the well-known beaches of the northern emirates through legacy markets and souks like the Friday Market in Fujairah, Dhaid, and Khor Fakhan.

Shopping Tour

We also conduct shopping tours for our guests. These tours take you to important souks, markets, and malls of Dubai. Since these are on-demand tours and not part of a regular itinerary, you need to contact our call center to get more information.